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What are the best YouTube channels on sex toys?

This section lists the names of top YouTube channels that specifically review sex toys. These youtubers share their personal experiences using adult toys made by various companies. This list includes YouTube channels of online adult sex toys stores as well.

Tweets by WomensHealthMag
Tweets by PsychToday

A few of these channels also provide education in BDSM bondage (some facts and figures by askmen), ASMR, cosplay, even touching on topics on feminism and women empowerment. The idea is to cater to the needs of a wide variety of people with different personality traits and emotional preferences. Their objective is to improve the overall lifestyle of an individual, be it be in the bed, or life outside the house.

  1. Ask Dr. Malik
  2. SexToys How For Her
  3. GirlAlmightyTV
  4. Ashley Elizabeth
  5. Lovehoney
  6. Venus O'Hara - Known Youtuber
  7. Brittany Simon
  8. TooTimid
  9. Nadia Bokody - Rising Star
  10. sexplanations
  11. MorganThorneBDSM
  12. Epiphora
  13. Submissive Guide
  14. SunnyMegatron
  15. Stevie
  16. Hera Delgado
  17. Evie Lupine
  18. Miss Eve E.
  19. Sexy Mama
  20. Katie Pain
  21. Erika Lynae
  22. Total Versext
  23. Bruce Esinem
  24. EpicRope
  25. Evie Vane
  26. Desires Laid Bare
  27. uppercaseCHASE1
  28. Jokestrap Sexy Time
  29. Hunny S. Thompson
  30. Red Back Porch
  31. Tess Tesst (Dutch)
  32. Luna Climaximaal (Dutch)
  33. Pleasure Academy (Dutch)
  34. Master Arcane
  35. MissMewchy
  36. That_Sex_Shop
  37. Lisa Sex Toy Buyer's Guide
  38. Cherry Von Fairy
  39. Miss Fancy
  40. Jessie Boles
  41. Miranda
  42. My Thoughts (18+)...With Me, Misty
  43. Adam & Eve Sex Toy Aficionados
  44. Jacqueline Morgan
  45. peepshowtoys
  46. Cara Sutra
  47. Angela perez
  48. Sex Toys Ratings
  49. My First Sex Toys
  50. Lisa Sex Toys Haul and Reviews
  51. Best Sex Toys Reviews
  52. Lesbians and Sex Toys
  53. Gay Sex Toy Reviews
  54. Sex Toy Reviews
  55. Toy With Me
  56. Body Positive Reviews
  57. Real Sex Toy Reviews
  58. Sex Toy Personal Shopper
  59. Fun Sex Toys for Couples Review Channel
  60. Lynn Test Toys
  61. Cage the mom
  62. Banshee Moon
  63. Binkie Princess
  64. Royal Honey Ropes
  65. itsblitzzz
  66. WhispersRed ASMR
  67. Depraved Eros
  68. BondageForYaAll
  69. Chelsea Nichole

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