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Climax Shopper has a very prominent panel of writers working in the field of sexology and personal relationships. This assures that content on this website is kept as accurate as possible.

Whitney Angelie

I work with women who are concerned about low libido, painful sex, a lack of sexual confidence, going through menopause, or having sexual dysfunction. Full Bio.


Tammy Rager

Tammy RagerI'm on a mission to help heal our health crisis and believe holistic personal-development and creating community is the key to nourishing ourselves and the environments we live in. Full Bio.


Marlucy Duckworth

Marlucy DuckworthI'm a Clinical Sexologist & Relationship Therapist, helping singles and couples with Intimacy. I help relationships succeed. Full Bio.


Maggie Stormcrow

Maggie StormcrowI Help Professionals Like You to Prioritize Pleasure, Put Your Personal Relationship 1st, Connect and Communicate Your Needs, Wants, and Desires to Move Forward Together in a Confident, Thriving Relationship. Full Bio.


Ally Watson

Ally WatsonAs a sexuality educator, coach and consultant I'm committed that people live a sexually empowered life free from guilt, shame and fear and have relationships that work. Full Bio.


Helga McCallum

Helga McCallumMy passion is helping others reignite their relationships with passion, love and chemistry at both the emotional and physical levels. Full Bio.



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