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Marlucy Duckworth


I'm a Clinical Sexologist & Relationship Therapist, helping singles and couples with Intimacy, I help relationships succeed. Specialties: Marriage, Intimacy, Sexuality, Online dating, Communication, Desire, Infidelity, Parenthood... BIO: French born and raised (no accent), it's always been easy for me to talk about sex. It's what I notice in the world. It's part of life energy and quality of life. We all think about it, do it, wish we were doing it, wonder why we're not doing it.



Relationship therapist

1991 - Present 

Individual and couples counseling around relationship and sexual issues (newly dating, no passion left in relationship, sexual difficulties, desire to reconnect, affairs, too much arguing...).

Marital therapist, Sex therapy, counseling in Marin

1991 - Present 



Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

PhD, Clinical Sexology


Top Skills

Lasting Relationships

Family Therapy




Board Certified by the American Board of Sexology


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