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Maggie Stormcrow - Writing Contributor for Climax Shopper

Maggie Stormcrow


I Help Professionals Like You to Prioritize Pleasure, Put Your Personal Relationship 1st, Connect and Communicate Your Needs, Wants, and Desires to Move Forward Together in a Confident, Thriving Relationship. There Will Be No Need to Look to Other People or Vices to Fulfill Your Needs.

Sex Coaching is tailored to your individual needs and desires, including but not limited to:

* Increasing Libido

* Menopausal Issues

* Sexual Dysfunction/Concerns

* Improving your sex life

* Keeping your relationship exciting, after the Honeymoon

* How to continue to explore and enjoy sex as we age

* Trying new things in the bedroom and beyond

* Keeping the spice in your relationship

* Talking to your children about their bodies and sex

* Loving yourself and your body

* Sexual Confidence

* Communication

* Fetishes

* Preparing physically for sex and intimacy after a dry spell

* Exploring Polyamory and preparing to open up a primary relationship

* Training your body to orgasm and to experience multiple orgasms

* Technique specific instruction



Entice Me Soirees, Inc.

Sex & Intimacy Coach Orgasm Guru Sex Toy Expert Speaker

February 2011 - Present



Kent State University

Fashion/Apparel Design   


Top Skills

Customer Service

Wellness Coaching

Public Speaking


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